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"I was seeking a mortgage for a property to house my business, with rental income.  My other bank completely dropped the ball.  I was referred to the Bank and have been very satisfied with the results."

- Robert Rosenberg

Cash Management

Efficiently coordinate cash flow to simplify everyday money matters.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make daily deposits from your office instead of visiting the bank. When you choose to implement this time-saving service, we will come to your pace of business to set up the equipment and train your staff. Once the technology is up and running, you will be able to scan and electronically deposit checks at your convenience.
  • Files are sent via secure internet connection
  • Mitigate fraud by reviewing items that have been flagged
  • Search and retrieve images online in seconds
  • Control employee access to the system
  • Duplicate scan alert prevents checks from being transmitted twice
  • Detailed reporting and archive
  • Output file compatible with Quickbooks®
  • Customer support is available 24/7

ACH Origination

Successfully managing cash flow is critical to the success of your business. Quickly and conveniently send payments to businesses and individuals by initiating ACH files through Business Online Banking.

QuickBooks® Integrations

Streamline account management by importing information from Business Online Banking into your QuickBooks® software. Instead of manually entering information and cross-checking the data, you will save time and boost efficiency. Two integration options are available to our business customers.

Download a data file to your computer from Online Banking then import the data from the saved file into your software.

Establish a secure connection between your accounts and Quicken or QuickBooks to receive real-time account balances, monitor transaction activity, and make transfers between accounts.

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