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"The Bank has been the easiest bank to deal with.  The customer service is fantastic!  Whether it's in person, in the branch or over the phone, all transactions are handled quickly, efficiently and professionally."

- Jeanne Jamieson, Chapel Haven Schleifer Center

Recent Business Deals

Lending Success Stories. Community Growth.


Property Acquisition -
Mixed-Use Commercial Building


Property Acquisition & Remodeling -
Commercial / Retail Plaza


Equipment Acquisition -
Construction Industry


Property Acquisition -
4-Family Residential in Low to Moderate Income Area


IT Equipment Acquisition -
Law Firm


Property Renovations -
Non-Profit/Tuition-Free Religious Organization for Underserved Populations


Debt Consolidation & Property Renovations -
Retail Industry


Property Acquisition and Expansion -
Non-Profit/Educational Facility in a Low to Moderate Income Area


Office Building Refinance -
Retail Industry


Property Acquisition -
6-Unit Residential Property in Low to Moderate Income Area


Property Acquisition -
Restaurant Industry


Property Acquisition -
Multi-Tenant Commercial Building in Low to Moderate Income Area

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