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Online Banking Privacy Policy

If you are a visitor to our site…

Visitors to our website remain anonymous. We do not collect specific identifying information about our visitors. We may from time to time use industry standard software to collect non-personal information about our visitors, such as

  1. The date and time someone visits our website
  2. The IP address, which is a numeric address assigned by servers, of our visitor
  3. The web browser used, such as Google or Yahoo, etc.
  4. The city and state from which the visit comes from

We may use this information to create summary statistics to determine what parts of our website are of the most interest to our visitors.

New Haven Bank includes various demonstrations of financial planning tools to help you make decisions. For example, our savings calculator allows you to create certain ‘what if’ scenarios to see what your needs might be. Our online banking demo allows you to ‘test drive’ this service.

If you do not use our online banking product, we do not collect, capture, or retain personally identifiable information when you are just using these tools or exploring these demonstrations.

If you send us an email...

Some areas of our website require information, such as your email address or name, to allow you to correspond to us. In these cases, we collect only the information necessary to reply to or interact with you. If you do not interact with us, any personal information, such as your email address, is not collected.

If you are a registered user...

When you start an online application to use online banking, our website will request information such as your email address or your account number. This information allows you to perform tasks like reviewing your accounts, and it allows us to provide the information you requested. In these cases, we collect only the information necessary to interact with you. We also gather data to track our website usage, such as number of hits, pages visited, length of time of the visit, in order to find out what parts of our website are useful to you.

The information you provide to us online is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This technology scrambles your account information as it moves between your PC and our systems. When information is scrambled, or encrypted, it becomes nearly impossible for anyone but New Haven Bank to read it. This secure session helps protect the safety and privacy of your information when you bank with us online.

About “cookies“…

When you log on to New Haven Bank’s online banking service, we use a “cookie” as part of our interaction with your browser. Now, you can set your browser to reject cookies – but then you cannot bank online with us. We use cookies to establish and maintain your New Haven Bank online session. These cookies do not collect personal or confidential information about your identity. The cookies expire or are deleted after you log off and end your online session with us.

Links on our website to other sites on the internet…

We may provide you a link to non-New Haven Bank websites, such as government organizations that offer free information about credit and personal finance, or to community organizations that support a similar social mission to ours, or to websites to learn more about banking and money. If you follow these links to sites that are not controlled by us, you should review their privacy policies and other terms of use, as they might be different than ours. New Haven Bank does not guaranty and is not responsible for the privacy or security of these websites, and we are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information that those sites might provide.

If we change our Online Privacy Policy…

If it is necessary to make any changes to this current policy, we will update our policy with the changes, new effective date, and post it on our website.